i will be uploading much more art on here now that I have this tablet ^^

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i got a new graphics tablet today!
it's so big and makes it really easy to draw things!
I don't even need stabilizers anymore because i'm drawing with my arm I'm so happy ^^

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News stories about 3d-printed buildings are always hilarious.

I mean, I'm sure it'll be a handy technique, but the news always treats it as though it's a technological solution for shortages and homelessness.

Like homeless people all own a plot of land and are just waiting for somebody to invent a way to build a house.

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"Let's sit down!"

- Space Dance, Rhythm Tengoku

A quote I live my life by

we've been cursed with the ability to destroy all technology we touch
can computers just not. like at all?
I end up breaking things in more and more obscure ways and it always starts with windows

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Hot leftist software licensing take 

Software developers advocating for permissive licenses explicitly because they make projects more attractive to corporations is class treason, plain and simple.

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the golang gopher fills me with a murderous rage

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晩御飯の炒め物失敗したので、マヨネーズつけてごまかすライフハックしてる〜🐟✨( ‘༥’ )ŧ‹”ŧ‹”~

random thought, but preforming femininity and preforming the duty of a maid is so intertwined in my mind that it's hard to separate

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Political (Ableism and Leftist Spaces) 

The revolution and the world built afterwards NEEDS to be Disabled friendly and Neurodivergent friendly, and while we've luckily managed to avoid seeing anything on Mastodon that's directly ableist on the left, we can't say the same for most leftist spaces, and this needs to change.

It's not just the elimination of slurs like the r-word. It's gaining an understanding of sysmedicalism and how saying plurals can only be formed from trauma, ironically, causes trauma for non-trauma systems.

It's learning how to make your environment more accessible wheelchair-users but it's also learning how to balance conflicting access needs for Autistic people and people with sensory processing disorder. It's learning how compliance-based torture like Applied Behavioral Analysis clothes itself as "therapy" and sells itself to the general public, and stopping that in It's tracks.

It's communities trying to figure out and learn how we're going to handle medications people need after our current system collapses. It's developing a deep understanding that social workers, psychological, and psychiatry units and practices are NOT a viable alternative to the cops — that they often perpetuate the same bigotry as cops, and work in tandem with them. It's communities finding a solution to that so we don't have to worry about weather someone will be killed via institutionalization.

We, despite having hope, don't see anyone talking about these things, besides other Disabled and Neurodivergent people, and that really needs to change.

(Feel free to add to this — boosts welcome as well, we want as many people to see this as possible.)

#Disability #Neurodiversity #Political #Leftism #BoostsWelcome

when do i exist?

i think it's now
but when re-visiting topics
i remember what now was and sometimes i see things i never saw

sometimes going back and experiencing something again feels like going back in time, where the past is sticky and wont let go. sometimes it feels like my previous experience was unfocused and messy and i just weren't conscious when doing it.

_when do I exist?_


i like how the language settings for YouTube is not per account but per session


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'The same people sucking Musk’s dick for dumping his trash on state & public lands were losing their minds over China’s rocket debris landing safely in the ocean-aka the way every single rocket from a legitimate agency has worked since, well, forever.'


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i was meant to be a plushie and it shows

*flops in bed*

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