silent protector meme, venting about work 

forgot to sign.
- tsubasa s.

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silent protector meme, venting about work 

sorry to use this meme in an unironic fashion but seriously, cashiers always take the blame for E V E R Y T H I N G


I was informed that /r/DankMemesFromSite19 will, for a day, "make memes about the extermination of the human race" but restricts the posts to being strictly SCP related

so i'm a spider anime 

kumoko talking to her other selves and addressing them as "everyme"...

@hierarchon is it bad that the only worse thing they could do is put "tl note: if you dont get this why are you watching" or something

every time someone apologizes for venting online or like, not being in a good mood when we hang out or something i just wanna grab them and be like "people choose to love you" like. you are not my parent, boss, etc. you are not somehow pressuring me into seeing you be unhappy. i have the autonomy to walk away if i need. you are allowed to feel bad. you don't owe me your cheerfulness


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